Led by American DJ and Music Supervisor Run P., QUENCH bridges the gap between Progressive Soul and Electronic music highlighting the sounds of House, Club, Bass, Afrobeat, Dancehall, Trap, Soul, Hip-Hop, and more.


Since its inception in 2015, QUENCH has filled a void in NYC nightlife, mainly through a recurring dance party of the same name, where all scenes connect. Championing music makers and facilitators within the electronic space, Run P.’s QUENCH has partnered with Red Bull, Balaami Radio, and has been held at various venues including Friends and Lovers, Super Power, Baby’s All Right, Louie and Chan, Better Days, and others.


Most notably the event series and radio show have featured the likes of Nativesun (Okay Africa), Bambii, Shy One (BBZ London, Touching Bass, CoOp), Skinny Macho (Bone Soda), DJ Lag, Foreigner, DJ Tunez (Wizkid), Quest?onmarc, Jubilee (Mixpak), Epic B (FDN, SwingTing), DJ Swisha (Juke Bounce Work), Kush Jones (Juke Bounce Work), False Witness (KUNQ), Ticklish,  The Whooligan, StarRo (Soulection), Jasmine Solano (Electric Punanny), Underdog (Okay Africa), Dre Ngozi, Mina (Enchufada), GetLive!, Nico Adomako (Einhundert), Matthew Law (illvibe), and countless others.


QUENCH continues to grow with a series of events, live mixes, a radio show, and a bi-weekly playlist.


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